Our Family

Adam is my hard working husband who brings home the bacon by working as a customer service associate for a local payment processing company. His life’s calling is to be in full time ministry and his dream, Youth Impact Racing, is finally coming alive! Youth Impact Racing exists to share the Good News of the Gospel by building relationships with teens, providing life skills training, and offering mentor-ship through the avenue of go kart racing. He also serves as a deacon and small group leader at our church. He is a wonderful husband, friend and love to me and a loving, gentle and proud daddy to our kiddos.

am first and foremost a daughter of the King of Kings and because of His loving kindness, grace and mercy, I have much more than I deserve. I am married to a wonderful man, who loves me in spite of my flaws and who sacrifices much for our family. Adam and I have two beautiful daughters, and two adorably cheeky boys.

Novia is eight and is heading into her ninth year faster than we are prepared for. She is in second grade and LOVING every bit of it, especially math and reading! I love seeing her delve into the adventures of a good book. She adores her sister and brothers, but is definitely hitting that age where she just. wants. her. space. She brings us constant joy with her bright smile, unlimited optimism and exuberance over everything!

Audrianna is a joy to our family and a bundle of 5 year old sweetness with just a little more than a tad of spice too. Speaking of spice, she is crazy in love with all things baking and is constantly looking to help with meal prep. She is a care-giver by nature and loves to take care of whichever family member needs a nurse or comforter. She says when she grows up, she wants to be a mom, a NASCAR driver and a masseuse. 

Colt recently turned four. He is a sweet guy with beautiful eyes, a charming smile and an easy-going, tender-hearted, loving spirit. He loves to wrestle with dad, but is often found snuggling with mom, Grammy or baby brother. Whoever said that boys don’t talk much never met this one. Colt is all boy with his love of baseball, football and all things related to racing. He dreams of being a NASCAR driver one day.

​Wyatt joined our family in the latter part of 2015. He is a beautiful boy who stops us all with his growing array of coos and smiles. I am blessed to say that he is a pretty content little guy, except for every now and then when he just wants his mama. I can’t say that I mind obliging him in the least.