We have had more than our fair share of weddings in the month of May. We had a wedding every Saturday except one, but we had two weddings on the same day. I think weddings go in streaks. Last year we didn’t have a single one so I quickly realized that my closet held nothing that would be appropriate for a wedding, let alone three in a row. So I gathered my girls (my mother and my daughter) and headed to the mall to see what great deals I could find. I was in luck to find an amazing sale and was able to buy two dresses for the price of one. I also found some really cute shoes (have to have cute shoes!) and some jewelry to go with my dresses!

Novia proved to me once again that she is ALL girl. She loved looking at and SPINNING the jewelry racks, until she discovered that playing hide and seek was more fun of course. Since I was still trying to make up my mind on my jewelry choices, my mom took Novia on a ride on the escalator and then for a walk through the store. When I was done and went to find them this is what I saw…
She not only likes handbags, she likes the pricey ones!
After all of that hard shopping we had to take a break with some Caribou.
It was a successful day and Novia even took a nap despite her coffee intake!


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Written by Heidi Brachle

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