Our bodies need vitamin D to help keep us healthy. It’s been shown to lower the risk of disease. 
Vitamin D for the Soul | A Paige From Our Book

Joy {not necessarily happiness} is the same for our spiritual health. When we have joy that is flowing from the knowledge of and delight of being rooted in Jesus, it helps our spirits fight against remaining sin. 

Joy isn’t our response  to our circumstances, rather it determines our response to our circumstances. 

Lacking the spiritual vitamin JOY? Spend some time meditating on Jesus and His work on your behalf. In Christ it is not only as if you have never sinned, it’s also as if you have ALWAYS obeyed. Knowing that you are saved from eternal separation from God should produce joy like nothing else! 


xo - Heidi

PS: We all go through seasons of time when having joy, choosing joy is very much a fight. It may seem elusive, but my encouragement is still the same, be in the Word. 

Even when it seems as though the truth is not changing your affections for Christ, the pursuit of knowing Jesus through His Word will produce fruit in your life. Fruit trees remain dormant for a season, but soon they flower and a bountiful harvest of fruit is produced.
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Written by Heidi Brachle

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