This post came to me one night in the midst of my prayers. It’s about me. It’s about you. It’s about all of us eventually, somewhere along our journey to know our Creator/Father/King and trust Him more.

Treasure Hunt: What Are You Seeking? |©

Dear sad and burdened soul, why do you keep running? Why do you seem to so desperately want to outrun the loving arms of your Father? As you run, you are gripping this picture of the treasure you hold in highest esteem. Your attention is so fixed on this picture of your treasure that you can no longer see the path you are running on. You are no longer looking up to where your true treasure lies. People are shouting to you from the side of the path to look up. Look up! But you’re afraid that if you look up you will drop the picture of your treasure or worse yet, the Father will take your treasure from you. 

What you can’t see is that your Father has many treasures that He is waiting to give you, but your arms are already full, clinging to your idea of the treasure you want most. The Father has told you that if you make Him your treasure, He will add all these things to you. He has already given you the greatest treasure you could ever receive in His one and only Son. You want that treasure to be enough, but you’re afraid to trust. You’re afraid that if you let go of that picture and open your arms to the true treasure, there won’t be anything else added to you. You will surely be the only child of the Father who He chooses not to give other lesser treasures than Himself. 
Treasure Hunt: What Are You Seeking? |


In your quest to cling to the picture of your treasure, you have fallen into a pit that the enemy placed in the path. You didn’t see the pit because your gaze was fixed on your treasure and you can’t get out of the pit because you won’t let go of that picture so that you might cling to the ropes being lowered to rescue you. You are now lonely and in despair. Friends who have been standing by with ropes to pull you up out of the pit are beginning to grow weary and some have walked away. You desperately want them to remain and comfort you with words about how much the Father wants to give you your treasure. You want their reassurance that your treasure is a good one and one that you will indeed receive. 

Now comes One, dear soul, to tell you that the time has come to either let go of the picture of your treasure and be saved or hold on to it and die. You can’t hold on to that treasure and to the Father at the same time. You much choose. You must choose to trust that your Father is good & loving and that He has many good things for your life, or you will choose to doubt Him and remain in the pit of despair convinced that you and you alone are able to choose the treasure that suits you best. He’s calling for you. He’s waiting patiently to hold you close in His loving arms and reassure you of His undying love for you. He has sent His other children to encourage you to look up, to warn you about the devices of the enemy and now He sends this One; this Spirit to convict you and bring you back to Him, if you are willing. You are afraid it will hurt. You are afraid others will scorn you. 
The Father’s calling to you. Please don’t turn away. He promises that His correction hurts for a season, but produces beautiful fruit of righteousness. He promises that He only corrects those that are His real children. Sad and burdened soul, aren’t you tired of eating the pig’s rejects? Don’t you recall the wonderful food at the table of your Father? Run home to Him.  Your Father. He’s waiting for you. He calling for you. He’s waiting to embrace you.
What is the treasure you hold so dear? Is it a lesser treasure that has gotten in the way of you delighting in the greatest Treasure? We so often drop our gaze from our beautiful Savior; the Greatest Treasure and fix our eyes on a counterfeit treasure. The lesser treasure may be good and even beneficial for us, but it becomes counterfeit when it steals our gaze, our focus and eventually our joy. Our joy can only remain true when our delight and our pleasure is in, Jesus, the Greatest Treasure. 

Turn your eyes upon Jesus. 
Look full in His wonderful face
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
In the light of His glory and grace.

Jesus shed his blood to give you the only treasure that will never lose it’s value, it will never fall apart, it can never be taken from you. He took the wrath of God so that through him you might receive the treasure of eternal life and reconciliation with God. There is no greater treasure than that. Your debt has been paid and you are now granted Christ’s righteousness. If you are in Christ, it’s not only as if you had never sinned, you are seen as if you had always obeyed. I pray that this knowledge brings you ultimate joy and pleasure; that Jesus would be your Greatest Treasure. If you realize Jesus isn’t your greatest treasure, know that He can be. You can repent of holding counterfeit treasures in His place and ask for forgiveness. You must let go of your counterfeit treasure and cling to Jesus instead. It will take daily reminders and daily looking at what Christ did for you at the cross. There is so much grace waiting for you there, because the Father is waiting for you there.


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Written by Heidi Brachle

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