I know that I haven’t finished writing about Christmas yet, but this news is too good to wait to share. A little back round. I started trying to potty train Novia right after she turned two, but she just didn’t seem interested and I was only getting frustrated. Add to that two out of state trips, so I decided that we needed to take a break. I had planned to start at it again when we got home from Alabama, but I was dragging my feet due to prepping for the holiday. I mean, who wants to be cleaning pee off the floor while their making cookies or basting a turkey? Anyway, after the holidays were over and life settled back into our routine, I pulled out the potty again and started letting Novia go without pants during the day… while we were at home… with no guests. She had some accidents in the beginning, but with the help of some Winnie the Pooh stickers, she picked up momentum in timing things right.

This week I have marveled at Novia’s desire to get this thing right. She has rarely waited for me to help her in the bathroom at all, but has taken care of her business, dumped the business from her potty to the toilet and then called out for her sticker. She went five… count them FIVE times yesterday without me even knowing until she showed me the results in the potty! Today she was again having success, but I could tell that she needed to go poopy. I wasn’t sure that she was ready to do this on the potty because just last week she got constipated out of fear of going. I asked her if she needed to go poopy and she said no, but ran off to the bathroom. I soon heard her yell from the bathroom that she had gone poopy in the potty. I laid aside the lunch I was making for her sure that I would find the bathroom floor a mess, but she was right! She had gone potty in the little potty like the big girl that she is becoming. I can’t tell you how my heart soared at that moment; it was full of parental pride, but also thanks to God for His grace. Why would I bring God into potty training you might ask? Well I know that it is His grace in Novia’s life that she is catching on so quickly. Even something as mundane as a little child going potty can and should bring Him glory. God is involved in every detail of our lives and for the grace I am extremely grateful.

I refrained from taking pictures of Novia and her….. big accomplishment.


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Written by Heidi Brachle

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