We all see trials of various kinds at some point in our life. It’s not a question of will you suffer, the greater question is what will you do with your suffering?

The above is an excerpt from the book Joy – a godly woman’s adornment by Lydia Brownback.  It’s a small devotional and I HIGHLY recommend it! This book has been a huge source of encouragement to me, both in seasons of suffering and seasons of joy. If it’s not already on your bookshelf or on your Kindle, I encourage you to get it now.
“Maybe you are suffering right now and you are tempted to wonder why God doesn’t deliver you sooner from your painful or perhaps perplexing situation.  One reason is that God has promised to use our suffering to give us a greater capacity for joy. How joyful we could be in times of trouble if our primary focus, out top priority, is what God is doing through it – for us, for others, and for his glory.”
Suffering is a privilege


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Written by Heidi Brachle

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