During the summer months {at least here in Minnesota} we find ourselves running from BBQ to pool party, to summer concert series, to athletic activities, up to the lake cabin and back again. These are all wonderful parts of summer and happily, contrast our normal school/work routines, but they can leave us feeling exhausted and often spiritually drained.

Rest | A Paige From Our Book

It is easy to seek out rest in the idles this world has to offer, but that respite lasts but a moment unlike the rest we find we find in Jesus. He alone brings peace to our heart, mind, and soul that is beyond comprehension {Psalm 62:1 & 5; Phil. 4:6-7; John 14:27}. When our souls are filled with grief and over-ridden with the cares of this world, Jesus tells us that His yoke is easy and His burden is light, {Matt 11:28-30}. Life is just plain heavy at times with concerns over money, relationships, health, children, jobs and even vacations. But Jesus is always waiting to comfort us with His quiet love {Zeph. 3:17}.

Rest | A Paige From Our Book

Perhaps your sorrow and your stress have seemed to overwhelm you, knocking your feet from underneath you. Perhaps you have spent this summer trying to find relaxation in a flurry of fun activities and yet your soul feels barren. Jesus calls you to come and find your rest in Him.

There is no condemnation in His eyes, no undertones of guilt in His whisper to come find your rest in Him, only His loving outstretched arms waiting to enfold you in grace and mercy. He longs to fill your parched soul with the Living water that will refresh and restore you

to health

to joy

to hope, peace and righteousness.

Rest | A Paige From Our Book

So come. Come find your REST in God alone.
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Written by Heidi Brachle

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