The picture below pretty much sums up how the last few days have been going around here. Every afternoon after quiet time, I have come to find the kids’ room a complete and utter disaster {today was a “good” day}.  I had pretty much HAD IT.

I am pretty sure that it is purely coincidence that Novia is holding up the Messy Room book.. and Audri, well  ~ she’s two, people.
Until I stuck my son who was very much in need of a bath, in the tub. Watching him play so happily in the water and looking at his sweet face so full of delight brought joy to my heart and a timely reminder. I was reminded that amid the mess and craziness of life, there is beauty, joy and calm in the little things ~ if I am willing to look for them.

Full of rascal spirit

“Can I finish playing now?”

Oh my sweetness!
Yep, my darling boy reminded me to enjoy the small things about being a mom. Watching him play in all of his innocence brought my blood pressure down after dealing with the above mess for the third day in a row {three separate times yesterday}.  It was like breathing in a beautiful garden for my soul. Though I am quite confident that this little spunky boy will himself cause my blood pressure to rise {he did run through the house in his birthday suit just minutes after these photos and pee on the dining room floor}, I am thankful that today he brought smiles and that squishy feeling to my heart. I am so thrilled to be a mom to such a sweet little boy and so very glad for all the times he causes me to stop in the middle of a stressful day to laugh, tickle all of my kids or play chase around the house. Here’s to the simple moments in life!

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Written by Heidi Brachle

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