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Perhaps this Valentines Day you are feeling less than loved. Less than loved by those around you and by your Heavenly Father. Let His Word remind you that when everyone around you fails you, He is steadfast; He does not change, but remains the same; He does not fail; His love never gives up on you. His love is abounding!
a•bound•ing / a•bound
adjective: very plentiful; abundant

synonyms: plentiful, proliferate, overflow with, teem with, be crowded with, be overrun by, be chock-full of


The greatest gift of love ever given was that of Jesus’ life on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins. So don’t misplace your hope and joy in a nice dinner, flowers, jewelry or chocolates. Those are nice gifts, but they will soon be gone and they pale in comparison to the gift of eternal life found in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
xo - Heidi

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Written by Heidi Brachle

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