Oh the weather outside is frightful. . . 

We in Minnesota are currently under a winter storm warning. I will say, that in recent years the response to “impending snow” by the news media and weather forecasters tends to be one of over-reaction, so when I hear there is a winter advisory or warning, I generally don’t rush around in a flurry {no pun intended}. Well it’s snowing and the temps are dropping. We have about 3 inches of snow so far…. I guess we’re supposed to get more. I’m not panicking, because this is Minnesota after all and this is what happens in the winter. So let it snow! 
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On Monday I headed out to run some errands before we got a wintry mix that afternoon. I couldn’t help laughing as I walked to my garage. What was so funny? My neighbor’s lawn boy was furiously mowing her lawn {for the perfect manicure} one last time as the snow flakes began falling from the sky. It wasn’t like it had been sunny and then all of the sudden snow started falling. No, it had already begun sleeting when I saw him fly down the street in his S-10 pickup. In that moment, I simply thought that D needed help moving something in her house, but she had clearly called him in the spur of the moment, knowing that this would be her final opportunity to have her grass cut. Close your eyes and picture it, you just might giggle too. I felt bad for the boy as I’m sure he felt ridiculous pushing a lawn mower while it was snowing… in December. Oh D, we love you and your OCD lawn care! 

Happy hump day! How do you spend the first REAL snowy day of the season? I’m gonna grab a cup of hot cocoa and throw on a movie for the kids. 

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Written by Heidi Brachle

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