Unfaithful people surround us daily; in fact we’re often unfaithful. Perhaps not in regard to our marriage or serious relationship, but more than likely we’re unfaithful to God. How many earthly treasures do we value with our time and our money more than we value our Creator; our Saviour? How many times do our affections for Christ grow stale and we stop believing He is who He says He is? 

Our love is fickle. In and of ourselves, it diminishes over time. . . 

I Have Love You | A Paige From Our Book

. . . if not infused with life and breath from the everlasting source of everlasting, eternal, completely unconditional love of our redeemer, Jesus Christ. 

I’m so thankful that His love for me is ever lasting regardless of my sins and failures. That because of His steadfast, everlasting love, His faithfulness to me will continue throughout eternity!


xo - Heidi

I hope that this has served to encourage you. I would love for you to share this with those in your life who may be suffering, that they too may be encouraged.

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Written by Heidi Brachle

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