Adam had a day off this week after being gone to Denver again for a few days to wrap up the Youthworks summer missions. So being that we haven’t been able to do much as a family this summer we took the opportunity to have a family day. Though it was VERY hot, Adam took Novia on a mid morning Daddy/Daughter bike ride date… with of course a stop at the DQ for a treat. It’s really such a small thing, but I can already tell that these memories that Novia is making with her daddy are very precious to her. She is already looking forward to the day when she can forgo the Burley and ride her own bike. She was SO excited when she looked out the window last week and saw the small pink bike that Adam bought for her. She couldn’t gather Grammy and her shoes fast enough to go outside and check it out. She exclaimed, “Oh thank you Dad… you’re the best!”. Of course she didn’t understand why she couldn’t just ride it right away (it needs training wheels) and when Adam had to leave later to take some things to his shop at work, my eternal optimist of a daughter said confidently that Daddy was going to get her some wheels.

Sorry for the rabbit trail… after their bike ride in the 90 some degree heat… plus drenching humidity, they both needed a nap and I didn’t mind the rest either. While they were on their bike ride I took the opportunity to do some vacuuming and this regularly brings on the BH contractions (I think I should just give up the vacuuming since with this heat, Maverick sheds about 1 lb of hair daily). After our rests we gathered our swim suits, towels and sunscreen and headed out to the wading pool, stopping for lunch at our favorite sandwhich shop: Potbelly, managed by another favorite: Uncle Robin.

We finally made it to the pool by late afternoon. Now you have to understand that we’ve been working with Novia for quite a while to “warm up” to playing in the pool. She likes to take things at her own pace and doesn’t like to be pushed to experience more than she is ready to in a given moment. I’m learning that the more we push, the more she holds back. Anyway, several weeks ago a family from our church invited moms and kids for a day at their pool. I swam with her for the first time that day and she did really well for the most part. I think that day prepared her very well for this day at the wading pool. She loved being able to walk in the pool, climb out and get back in again. I think it helped too that Adam and I were both there. There is something about the security that both Dad and Mom being there brings. Adam and I mostly just sat in the water on the edge and let Novia explore the pool at her own comfort level. She soon made a friend and before we knew it they were splashing one another and laughing. After her friend had to leave we spent some time letting Novia jump off the edge of the pool to us. She learned that she wouldn’t die if water came up to and entered her mouth. She didn’t exactly like it when we let this happen, but she learned to spit the water out and cough if necessary. We were both amazed at how quickly she grew to LOVE the water and laughed that she protested a bit when we told her it was time to go. Our only regret is that we’ve only now begun to cash in on the wading pool and the days of warm, pool weather are numbered (I hope anyway… hey, this pregnant lady just can’t take the heat & humidity!)

After leaving the pool, we picked up some Punch Pizza and stopped again to see Uncle Robin, but this time at his and Auntie Nissa’s house. Sharing our pizza with good friends was a great way to end our day. It really was the perfect family day with just the right combination of activities and rest!

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Written by Heidi Brachle

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