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Eight Weeks - A Paige From Our Book

Audrianna is now 8 weeks old! On one hand it’s hard to believe that she is already two months old, on the other hand it’s hard to believe our family ever existed without this precious little girl. Audri is such a delight to us all and anyone blessed to interact with her. I took Audri with me to the wedding of two friends of mine from college on Saturday. It was a fun wedding and I was able to chat with several dear friends from those days as well as the pastor (and his wife) who married Adam and I. Audrianna gave her the biggest smile I have yet seen on her adorable face. I think it made my dear friend’s day and it made mine as well.

My favorite new development is Audri’s adoration of her daddy. We really started to notice in the last few weeks that any time she hears Adam’s voice she turns her head to search for him. If he’s close enough for her to see him, she then tries with all of her might to get his attention. If he gives her the attention she desires, Audri rewards him with a big smile. She loves to listen to Daddy talk to her and she works very hard to contribute to the conversation with coos and aahs. It’s just so fun to see their interaction while Audrianna is this age because Adam was gone for work most of Novia’s first two months.


Speaking of Novia… she increasingly can’t get enough of her baby sister. If Audrianna is awake and hanging out in her papasan, Novia is nearby and often inches from her sister’s face. If Audri is crying, Novia is quick to try to soothe her with sweet assurances and then come running to find me. In one such event Novia was convinced that Audri no longer wanted to be in the papasan, but rather on Novia’s favorite pillow on the floor. I entered the room to find Novia pulling Audri by one leg out of the papasan. We had to have a immediate discussion about “helping” with sister.
Eight Weeks - A Paige From Our Book

Eight Weeks - A Paige From Our Book

Eight Weeks - A Paige From Our Book

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Written by Heidi Brachle

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