Colty turned one at the beginning of the month, though we celebrated with a party with friends just last week. I will share more about that later. All good things must wait, right? Cole is quickly leaving all things baby behind. He has little interest in walking unless he can push something around, but without my noticing has become quite adept at climbing. Up and down, up and down, up and down. If he can get his knee on it, Colt will find a way to pull himself the rest of the way.

His first feat was the little rocking chair that is in the kids’ room. I walked into their room one day during “play-on-your-own” time to find Colty standing on the rocking chair trying to reach something on top of the play kitchen. He shrieked with delight for me to see his accomplishment and probably also because he knew he shouldn’t have been standing on the chair.


He was rocking too fast for me to get a could picture.

The rocking chair doing double duty with Elijah and Colt.
Several days later he found a step stool at Papa and Grammy’s house and made quick work of crawling up on it as well. He must have spent 30 or more minutes just crawling up and getting down and doing it quicker and quicker each time. He slipped and fell a couple of times, but like a true boy, he got right up again with no tears and went back for more.

Up and down… up and down… up and down.
Yesterday I came up from getting a load of laundry from the basement, to find Cole sitting atop the laundry basket in the living room. It seems that anything that can be conquered – will be.

My boy sitting on his perch.
We are seeing our future in front of us in bold colors and will be securing all of the furniture down. Just this morning, Cole tried to crawl on or step on the oven door of the play kitchen and pulled the whole thing down on top of himself. Now, thankfully it’s made out of plastic and is quite light {which is why it tips over in the first place}, but we had visions of other, much heavier furniture possibly tipping over on him as he gets bigger. A few weeks ago I read a terrifying account from a lady whose 3 year old daughter was killed when a relatively small and shorter dresser tipped and fell on her. The rest of the family was sleeping in that morning and heard nothing. The little girl was dead by the time they found her in her room. I’ve never felt such a gut wrenching horror for someone else’s pain. It was a stunning wake up call to make sure that our furniture is secured. I am by no means a helicopter parent and am confident that accidents happen and our children will get hurt over their lifetime, but it reminded me that there are definitely things we can do to help keep our children safe. It’s no different than locking cabinet doors to keep little ones away from cleaning products and any harmful chemicals.

**Keep your climbers safe; don’t ever assume they won’t try to climb a particular piece of furniture and secure those pieces that can tip. **  

The days of seeing Colty as a baby are over and we are full speed ahead into the world of having a boy. I am more than sure our family and home will never be the same.

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Written by Heidi Brachle

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