One of my favorite blogger/interior designers, Miss Mustard Seed recently shared her very personal struggle with food addiction. She wrote about how she decided that she was going to commit to the Whole30 dietary plan and she invited those of us who wanted to do it too to join her in a Facebook group for support. I made the decision right there and then that I was “in”. Enough was enough and I needed to put my fears of giving up sugar aside and just do it!

Heidi and Kristy - fall 2005 - Living Whole 30 | apaigefromourbookMy best friend, Kristy, and I two days before my wedding.

But let me back up a bit. I am probably at my heaviest weight ever {I’m guessing because I’ve never been one to get on the scale… I was only ever weighed regularly during my pregnancies} and while for the most part I don’t struggle with how I feel about myself, I am tired of being this big. I’m tired of it being harder to find clothes that fit and flatter. I grew up on a farm so I was always very active. I never “exercised” intentionally because we were always doing physical work and in my down time, I was often riding my bike, playing basketball and other sports or just walking the countryside. I could generally eat whatever I wanted and it simply didn’t impact my physical shape. In fact I didn’t really “get” the girls around me who stressed about what their bodies looked like. It just wasn’t something that I thought about. Even when, years later during the months of our engagement, I began to lose weight from the stress of planning a wedding with my man on the other side of the country. I didn’t really notice because my weight never came to mind. It wasn’t until concerned co-workers pulled me aside that I began to notice that I had lost so much weight. When I did finally get on a scale shortly before getting married, I knew that I was at a weight that really wasn’t healthy for me. It didn’t take me too long to get back to a healthy weight after we got married and I maintained that weight until my pregnancy with Thing 1. I definitely didn’t lose my baby weight very fast after that first pregnancy, but I was still in a healthy zone. With Thing 2 I felt like I gained a ton of weight {well I looked like it anyway} and it was much much harder to lose. Add another baby 15 months later, a slowing metabolism, bad eating habits and here I am. 

Living Whole 30 |

Heidi - fall 2014- Living Whole 30 | apaigefromourbook

But this is not where I will stay.

I have been thinking and pondering and reading about getting rid of sugar for quite a while… maybe even close to a year. Most of the couples/families in our church small group have either cut back on their sugar intake {not eating refined sugars} and processed foods or have completely rid sugar from their diets. I didn’t feel so much peer pressure as I did quiet conviction that has slowly gotten stronger with time. 

This fall when Thing 1 went back to school, I reinstated our membership to the local YMCA and have made good strides at going daily. Soon, with the encouragement of a dear friend I joined the body pump class and I loved it. But I knew that still wasn’t enough for losing weight and getting in shape. Then as close friends began pressing my husband about his weight and his overall health {he has sleep apnea and high blood pressure}, the conviction to give up sugar grew stronger and stronger. As much as I knew this conviction was real, I just didn’t want to give up my Pepsi, chocolate and all of those comforting carbs {I’d say this speaks to just how addicting sugar is}. Marian’s post and organization of a Whole30 support group was exactly what I needed and without any planning or purging our home of all the Christmas goodies, I jumped in with both feet and all my heart!


I’ll share more in my next posts about how the dietary plan works, how it’s been going for me and some things that have been helpful to me.

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