I do believe that one of the most moving narratives I have ever read or heard is one written by my very own pastor and dear friend, Rick Gamache. The first year I sat under his reading of it at SGC‘s Good Friday service, I wept. In following years I thought that since I had heard it before, surely my response would not be nearly as emotional. I could not have been more wrong. Every time I listen to this narrative, whether at home or with my church family I am utterly wrecked at the reminder of the depths of my sin that put Jesus on the cross. I am humbled and filled with joy at the words, “Mission accomplished. Sacrifice accepted.” I invite you to listen to this life changing reading below.
Crown of thorns | apaigefromourbook.com

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It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming! I pray you all have a wonderful weekend celebrating our Risen Lord!


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Written by Heidi Brachle

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