A couple of Sundays ago it was DELIGHTFULLY warm for March in Minnesota. It wasn’t 80° like a few years ago, but it had to have been in the mid 50s. Anyway, we weren’t complaining and though we all desperately needed our Sunday afternoon naps after church, a quick snowball fight in the backyard was something Adam and the little ones just couldn’t pass up. In fact we had a very hard time pulling Colt inside at all. 

I don’t know who had more fun. Adam, because his kids didn’t mind that he was throwing cold snow at them, or Audri and Colt because they got to throw snow at Daddy. I also love that Adam is wearing his heavy winter coat and Audri is so warm she’s taken her coat off and has her pant legs pulled up. =)
Making memories is fun! Playing in the warm sunshine makes them even better!!


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