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As our children get older, we are more and more excited to instill in them some of the traditions we grew up with and create more original ones as our family. One tradition that I’ve been dying to share with my kiddos is winter sledding. It’s no secret that Minnesota winters are cold and full of snow, but since we can’t make either go away, we find fun ways to endure. 

Since Adam’s merchant sales pretty much come to a stand still during the busiest shopping season of the year, he has had lots of time to put to use in creating memories as a family. We had hoped to go sledding as a larger family unit on Christmas day with my brothers and their families, but by the time we finished Christmas dinner, the kids were wilting and we still needed to open gifts. Maybe next year a Christmas brunch is in order. 

The day after Christmas was a beautiful day with sunshine and warm temps. It was the perfect day to throw on our snow gear, grab our sleds and head out to the sledding hill near our house. It was full of families enjoying the perfect day. Novia and Audri LOVED flying down the hill. Audri preferred going down by herself, but the long walk back up the hill was treacherous between the snow pack and all of the other sledders, so either Adam or I had to go down on another sled right after her.

Sledding Day -

At one point Novia found herself in the direct path of an on-coming sledder. Thankfully the sledder was an older gentleman who picked her up and set her on his lap instead barreling her over. It was quite cute from where I watched at the top of the hill. He was so apologetic to Novia, but she assured him she was just fine and we all thanked him for grabbing her rather than running her over. 
Sledding Day -

Colton had been asleep in the van for much of our time on the hill. I figured since the starting point on the hill {and my photography vantage point} was right at the nose of our vehicle, it was safe to let him continue with his nap. I finally decided to just wake him up so he could try sledding along with his sisters. Let’s just say he was less than thrilled with the idea and would have been better off finishing his nap in the van.
Sledding Day -

Nonetheless, we had a great day. Here are a few more pics from our sledding adventure.
Sledding Day -

Novia was ready to fly!

Sledding Day -

Colt napping in the coziness of the van.


My merry trio.

Sledding Day -

The gentle-man who scooped up Novia instead of wiping her out.

Sledding Day -

Audri wanted to be pulled back up the hill in the sled but I made her walk with me… after her tummy snow angels.

Sledding Day -

Colt’s inaugural run.

Sledding Day -

Audri was distraught when we told her we were done for the day.

I think our day on the sledding hill is a wonderful memory our kids won’t soon forget. We all had such a great time we would have gone again the next day had Adam and I not been so sore. =) Another swift reminder that we aren’t as young as we used to be.
Sledding Day -

Here’s to partaking in old traditions, creating new ones and making delightful memories as a family! What are some of your favorite family traditions?
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