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I am very aware that I haven’t shared anything in the realm of my family in quite some time. The girl’s birthdays have come and gone and I didn’t post any pics, Halloween over and again, no pics. I blame Instagram. =) It’s so easy to post a quick pic there when I don’t have time for a longer blog post. This would also be why I’m not exercising my photography muscles much. I need to work at pulling out my camera more {say, everyday} to capture legitimate photos of our daily moments. Anyway, I did pull my camera out when we celebrated the girls birthdays. We chose to forego a big birthday party for them this year out of a desire to teach them that a big party with lots of gifts isn’t necessary every year in order for us to celebrate their lives and the gift they are to our family. This isn’t an indictment against big birthday parties, they have had their share and more will come I am sure, but there will be some years when we desire to simply make an awesome memory with them instead. 

Novia’s 6th birthday fell on a Friday and since she is in afternoon kindergarten, I thought a Novia/mom breakfast date would be a great idea. Our idea morphed a bit when Grandma offered to take Novia for a haircut. We met Grammy at her house and then headed off for the haircut. Novia’s hair grows so incredibly fast, so it was a great birthday gift to have a few inches taken off. From there we did a little browsing and shopping and had some lunch before taking Novia to school. Of course she had to show Grammy her classroom before we left her for the afternoon. She told me later that she had a GREAT day!
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Novia trying on hats at the mall for her birthday.

Audri’s birthday was a low key affair. We were simply glad for hearts that weren’t broken this year. Last year, our dearly loved Maverick died the night before Audri’s birthday and we were still in a fog of grief. Poor kid. Thankfully she was young enough to not fully realize the situation. This year our goal was to fill her memory bank with something fun. A few days before her birthday, Audri saw a commercial on TV for a Little People princess-horse-stable toy. Normally we don’t lean to every whim of our children when they see something on TV, but Audri was so awestruck by the toy and I knew it was an honest to goodness, good choice and would fit with their other Little People toys. Adam wanted to do a daddy/daughter breakfast date with Audri, so after they had pancakes for breakfast, they went to Target to pick up Audri’s Little People stable. It was actually a gift for both girls since they both contributed birthday money to it, but part of Audri’s fun was getting to go with dad to the store to get it. She was beside herself with joy. Apparently she also took the opportunity to show daddy all of the other toys, Barbies and baby dolls she would like. =) 

Papa and Grammy came over for dinner to celebrate Audrianna’s birthday and they brought cupcakes. I usually like to make a cake for my kids’ birthdays, but I knew that we would be getting together for Grammy’s birthday with the larger family in a few days and that the girls would partake in that celebration. 
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Audri’s “3” melted rather quickly.

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Adam had to joke with his mother-in-law and add a 1 to the 59 on her cupcake.

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Colt LOVED the frosting!

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Audrianna needed a second opportunity with her candle.

I was thankful for these small, but memorable celebrations and even more thankful that the girls were so easily pleased with our scaled down birthday celebrations. Six and three. . . my, where did the time go?
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