Bocephus {or Bocee [Bo-see] as Audri calls him}, has proven that he is a thick skinned, thick furred dog that LOVES being outside in the cold weather. The only day in our recent cold frigid snap that he was willing to stay inside was when the air temp actually went below zero and the wind was blowing to boot. Otherwise he was happy as a clam to spend extended time in the teen or even single digit temps. While it’s nice to have the dog entertained and playing off his energy outside I’ve been worried that he would get frost bite on his paws. I check on him often and try to get him to come inside for warmth, food and warm water.

Last Friday was almost balmy compared to earlier days in the week and once again Bo was refusing to come inside {pretty frustrating when I need to get Novia to school and he NEEDS to go into the house}. The whole day was a difficult day for me and my patience was t.h.i.n. to say the least. When at last I thought the kids were all down for naps and I could finally enjoy some peace and quiet, I hear Bocee whining out in the yard. I went to look for him in his usual spot in the sun on the south side of our house, but no Bocee.

Looking out the kitchen window to the backyard I see this…


I couldn’t help but chuckle and for half a second I thought about leaving him there for being such a pill earlier in the day, but I had compassion… ONLY after I got my camera.

I wish that I could have seen how he finagled himself into that position on the swing, but I missed it he clearly missed finding the humor in his predicament like I did.

“Would you put that darn camera away and get me off of this swing?!”

“Really… a little help?”
I helped Bocee out of his predicament and laughed when he beat me up the steps to go inside the house. He was more than happy to spend the rest of the afternoon snuggled in the warmth of the “swing-free” house.

Never a dull moment with Bocee around.
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