I hope that all of you had wonderful and merry Christmases. I had a specific Christmas post in the works and then getting that finished and posted was derailed by sick kids, Christmas shopping and an unfortunate incident that left me unable to get on-line. Anyway, I will get those thoughts and ideas posted as soon as I’m able.

My sick kids are almost completely mended. We spent one evening in the ER with Cole trying to figure out why he had such a high fever. I had already been in the the clinic with him all of that afternoon, but everything was coming back negative. That trend continued in the ER as he was tested for what seemed like everything under the sun. They did give him an IV and doubled up the Motrin and Tylenol. Once that kicked in, we had our scrappy little guy back. We went home with no answers other than some kind of virus combined with teething, but he was so much better. For about 5 days. And then the fever, lack of desire to eat or drink anything and the need to sleep all day came back. We fed, Coley, what he would eat {applesauce and yogurt} and added some water to the applesauce to help with his fluid intake. Thankfully keeping him hydrated and staying on top of his doses of fever/pain reducers helped keep him out of the hospital again. Almost two weeks later we got a phone call from the radiologist saying that Cole had a small bit of viral pneumonia that had showed up on the chest x-ray. They couldn’t have done anything for him, but I was a bit frustrated that it took them so long to let us know.

Adam and I each took our turn at being sick and I lost my voice completely almost completely for a whole day. I’m quite thankful for my mom being willing to come and be my voice. I typically love winter, but I am not a fan of the illnesses that accompany the cold temps and snow.

What was this post about again? Oh yeah, Christmas! We hosted Christmas with Adam’s family this year {as well as a friend and co-worker of Adam’s}. It was so nice that his grandmother and aunt were able to come from Nebraska too, since we don’t get to see them very often. The Brachle family has historically celebrated and opened gifts on Christmas Eve, so this seemed the perfect day to have everyone down to our place. We enjoyed a lovely mid afternoon dinner, complete with our first kids’ table. I think my brother thought I was crazy, but we have to start one sooner or later. After our meal, we worked together to clear the table, get the first of three loads of dishes in the dishwasher, get the kids’ diapers changed and we headed out the door to Christmas Eve service at our church. We were a bit late to church since coordinating rides and finding socks and shoes for the my kids took longer that it should have. However late, church was lovely. It was difficult for me since I still can’t sing {at least not in my range}, but greatly enjoyed the opportunity to stop as a family and focus on what we were celebrating. I had missed church the day before from being sick, so I was especially thankful for the reminder that Jesus came as flesh to save me from my sins. He humbled himself and became human, out of his great love for us and obedience to the Father.

As soon as we arrived home from church we got out the camera’s to try to get some Grandparent/grand-kids pictures before the children opened their presents and the inevitable attention-span derailing. Here are a few of what I captured. They’re not fabulous {nor is the shrink-wrapped window for a backdrop}, but we have them for posterity.


Colty, Novia, Audri and Stacy with Oma and Papa Duck.

The kiddos with Great Grandma.

Audrianna, Stacy, Novia & Colty with Great Aunt Marsha.
I love the holiday season {at least in my mind}, but I was more than happy to take down the tree and the stockings and strive to put life back to our normal routine. I have yet to achieve that second goal, but we’re working on it. 
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