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Yesterday was Audrianna’s two week appointment and she is doing VERY well! When we left the hospital she was down about 10% in her weight and some of the nurses were concerned. I wanted to tell them all to lighten up, but that was because when Novia was discharged from the hospital we were already having to supplement her feedings with formula. Anyway, when the home health nurse came, Audri was already back to 7lbs, 7 oz. Well yesterday our girlie proved that so far she and Novia are opposites. Audrianna is now 8 pounds, 2 ounces! She is as we like to call her a chunka munk. The nurse also said that she had gained 1/2 inch in length, but I’m not quite sure that measurement is accurate.

Audrianna Grace to date…
So far this girlie likes to eat, especially late in the evening. She is also a comfort nurser and would do so for hours if I let her. She loves to sleep, although she’s still a bit mixed up with her days and nights. Audri is less of a snuggle-r than Novia and also unlike her older sister, she sleeps on her back. Novia rarely spit up and NEVER threw up, but Audrianna throws up about every other day from eating too much. It doesn’t seem to matter which position she’s in while nursing, how often/long I burp her, or how long I keep her in an upright position after eating. It’s made me realize how few clothes I have that fit a baby under 10 lbs as I am almost constantly doing loads of light colored laundry. She doesn’t seem to be any worse for the wear from her puking incidents and is still a very content baby.

Novia increasingly showers her baby sister with much love and affection and has come to the point of acting as if Audrianna has always been in our family. I love watching Novia “mother” her baby dolls in the ways she sees me with her sister. She also likes to pretend that she is leaving her babies with me to be babysat. I’m told often that if I need anything or if her baby cries, that I can just give her a call on her cell phone and let her know. I love her pretend world!

There is probably more to share, but this is all my sleep deprived brain can come up with for now. Praise God for His grace, though, because this transition is going better than when Novia joined our family. If you think of us, however, please pray for us. Adam leaves next Tuesday for his annual trip to Denver for vehicle over-haul and maintenance. I think it will be equally tough on all of us…

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