I have had an unusual afternoon, especially this late into the afternoon. It’s purely God’s grace to this pregnant lady. Being that it’s the first of the month, today was designated to pay bills, grocery shop and so meal prep. Now realistically I didn’t think that I would be able to accomplish all of that today, but God has given me and Novia much grace today and I’ve gotten far more done today than I thought possible for my prego self.

Bills were paid this morning while Novia ate her breakfast and watched a video about David & Goliath (about 4 times over… it was fairly short), her current obsession is Goliath. Daddy keeps reminding her that he was the bad guy and that she should like David, but I think she is really just fascinated because he was so BIG. I was also able to do my grocery list complete with coupon planning and pray that God would stretch our dollars today. Finally we were able to get out the door to the grocery store and Novia was still in a very happy mood. It wasn’t quite as early as I had hoped so as to avoid the hotter part of the day (seeing how we don’t have AC in our car), but there was grace for that too. Once we got to the store, Novia spotted the carts specifically designed with kids in mind (she calls them the “bus”) and she excitedly asked if we could get a “bus” and not a “regular” cart. I obliged, since I’m becoming a pro at maneuvering those beasts. Anyway, shopping went very smoothly and God did indeed stretch our dollar. I spent almost less than half of what I usually do for close to the same amount of food! Novia was her usual friendly self, greeting everyone who came close enough to hear her. Close to the end of our shopping, two grocery store employees were working in an aisle and heard her greeting people and one of them smiled brightly and said, “You’re hired!” Novia looked at me and said, “No, I’m not tired!” How do you explain a job offer to a not yet three year old? =)

After loading up the groceries into the trunk, we got some gas with our gas coupon earned from our grocery purchases (I had no idea that one could use up to 5 of them at one time!), and then I decided to get some drive-through after seeing my wilting daughter in the rear-view mirror. She pepped up again while eating her nuggets, but I knew that there would be no argument from her about a nap when we got home. I had really hoped to get some food prepped while Novia was sleeping, but my body told me that wisdom would say I needed to rest as well. Two hours of rest did this body some definite good and I was ready to get cooking! My parents came to take girlie for some mutually desired Grammy & Papa/Novia time. My hard working husband was away at the gun range with a good friend and only Maverick was left to be in my way while cooking.


It’s so rare for me to have the house completely to myself that I almost didn’t know what to do! So I threw some laundry in the wash while my George Forman grill was preheating and then got my pot roast in the crock pot. It was a small roast so it will be ready in time for a later dinner when Adam get’s home from the range. Then I started prepping for a cheesecake that I will bake later this evening for a good friend who recently served our family at the drop of a hat and whose birthday was just the other day. “Shh,” if you know who I’m talking about… it’s a surprise.

I grilled two bags of boneless chicken breasts while doing some writing and then I spent some time cutting peppers and grapes. I need to make at least two separate portions of Chicken Goodness for upcoming events in the next week. Any prep I can do today will save my feet another day.

This was not quite half of the chicken I was able to grill.

I am just so thankful for God’s grace to me, because I know that it wasn’t of myself that I have been able to accomplish so much today! I’m also thankful for parents who don’t tire of their granddaughter… is that even possible? Anyway, I am very blessed with a gracious Heavenly Father who extends the dollars in my checking account and the hours in my day. Now I have to run and prep the potatoes for dinner (Hubby doesn’t like them cooked with the roast). Praying that I can be even half as efficient tomorrow!


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