Novia has a new obsession down here in Alabama, thanks once again to Paw Paw Jack. The second day we were here Jack showed me one of his club cars or as we call them, golf carts and told me to take it back to the cottage so that us ladies and babies had something faster than our legs to get us around the property. One trip around the pond and Novia was hooked. She now insists on taking it everywhere and several times a day. So we drive down to see Adam at the shop, take lots of jaunts around the pond and have even taken it through the oh so steep valley. I thought we might have to hang up the key for a bit due to the 24 hours of rain brought by Tropical Storm Ida, but once the rain stopped we ventured out again. I was pretty sure that we were going to get stuck in the mud and water from the pond rising, but this little cart’s battery was strong enough to keep us going. Novia was thrilled when the tires started spinning and the water splashed around us and we drove through one small water filled valley. She also loves when I put the pedal to the floor (it’s still not THAT fast) and go as fast as the cart will take us.


Outside with no pants, hanging with Lizzie and Nash.

Waiting for Momma to put down the camera and drive!

Driving baby doll Sylvie.

One might think these were posed, but I guarantee they were not. =)

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