After playing outside with friends from church in their yard, I’ve decided that my big girl really needs some yard toys. She loves nothing more than to be outside ALL of the time. Right now she has her swing and while she is very happy with that, she was thrilled to have some tricycles to ride and a slide to go down. She even loved just throwing a big ball and running after it.

So, the little girl toys need to go away and we need to invest in some BIG girl items for the backyard. I think I will be checking out lots of yard and rummage sales this summer and hopefully will find the balance of getting the right amount of toys and not TOO many. 

If you have any thoughts on toys you think she would REALLY enjoy, let me know. I am open to lots of ideas right now.


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Last week I decided to get a little more domestic than I usually do and make my own laundry detergent. My friend Rachael gave me this recipe, but there are different variations that you can find online. I made a powder soap, but you can make liquid soap like my friend, Becca, did.

1 cup grated fels naptha soap bar (this is 1/2 a bar)
1/2 cup washing soda
1/2 cup 20 mule team borax

Mix & store in air tight container Use 1 tbsp for front load washers or light loads & 2 tbsp for normal loads & 3 tbsp for heavy loads. that’s it! Cub Foods has all three ingredients in the laundry aisle, although the fels naptha was a bit further down from the washing soda and the borax.
I grated the soap on my kitchen grater. you can also use a food processor. The fels naptha is a great stain remover and an old remedy for poison ivy/oak and sunburn. borax & washing soda are also good cleaning products for other things too. You can also add essential oils to make your own scents. To be honest, I may try the liquid recipe next time. Stains from Novia’s clothes and Adam’s work jeans come out cleaner than they EVER did with store bought detergent. Smells, however, are a little different. Novia got a stomach virus last week and threw up in the middle of the night right on her “lovey” blanket. I washed that load with 3 tbsp and while it all came out clean, the smell still lingered a bit. But over all I am pleased with how it’s working out.

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