I’m a thirty-something farm girl making a home with my husband and four children in the middle of the city. I never imagined myself in the city, but honestly, it has its perks. What homemaker/decorator doesn’t love being close to Ikea? BUT my heart truly belongs to wide open spaces, lush green fields, hundred-year-old trees, and waterways teeming with noisy bullfrogs and red-winged blackbirds.  –  Ah {sigh}, I love it!  –
Country, however, is not necessarily my design and decor choice. I guess I’m a little more eclectic when it comes to interior design. I studied Interior Design at Alexandria Technical College, but I withdrew before my first year was done when I felt God calling me to music, ministry and ultimately being a stay at home mom. I have swung back and forth on the pendulum of regret in having withdrawn from my degree, but in my heart, I know that I didn’t want to spend that kind of money on an education that I didn’t think I would use professionally.  –  Maybe someday I will go back and finish. –   In the mean time I draw inspiration and feed my need for design, DIY & decor from all of my DIY blogger friends {well, we’re friends in my head}, Pinterest and my all time favorite, This Old House.
My husband and I went to a tractor pull the night we met, ten plus years ago. It {the tractor pull} lasted all night and of course, we stayed for the duration. We were engaged 4 months later and got married just a little over a year after we met. We spent the first six months of our marriage in West Virginia as church planting interns before God made it clear He wanted us to come back to Minnesota. We have been here since then. We are pursuing the calling of ministry and that road has come to look far different than we ever imagined. It’s also filled with more grace, love, encouragement, and fun than we could have imagined as we serve beside amazing friends at what is the dearest place on earth to us, Sovereign Grace Church
My husband, Adam, has put feet to his dream ministry. He is the founder and Executive Director of Youth Impact Racing where he and his team share the Good News of the Gospel by building relationships with teens, providing life skills training, and offering mentorship through the avenue of go kart racing. From classroom theory to hands-on learning, team building and racing on the track, teens have the chance to learn responsibility and the value of friendship. I could not be more proud of him for not giving up on his dream and for all of his hard work to create this non-profit out of nothing and most of all for his confident reliance on the Lord to further HIS ministry of YIR.

I have a  growing affection for the South, particularly Alabama. Okay so I’m not a fan of the south’s humidity {sheesh, it’s bad enough here in MN}, but I could easily become a snowbird and spend all winter in Alabama, especially if it meant I could enjoy Alabama football in person. Roll Tide!  I enjoy pretty much every sport and outdoor athletic activity, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE myself some football!!!I love to cook for my family. I wouldn’t call myself a foodie, because I’m not overly adventurous in what I create, but I’m growing. I love to make food that makes people swoon, even if that recipe only has five ingredients. To me, it’s about flavor and love, not being exotic. I love going to bed with the remaining scent of dinner combined with the smell of clean dishes in the dishwasher.

Being at home with my littles is truly a joy. Even on days when meltdowns, pee on the floor, piles of laundry and loads of dirty dishes overwhelm me; deep in my heart, I am so thankful that I get to work at home. Yep, I’m not gonna lie, it’s work. Some days the best I can do is simply keep the children alive. But we have a LOT of fun days too. I don’t always get to work on my creative projects and rarely do I get to dig into my DIY adventures, but I have to remind myself that those days will come… my children are only little, once. {Power tools and some extra $$ will eventually help in the DIY department too.} Besides no project can compare to the kisses, tickles, book reading etc, etc, that fill my day.Mostly, I’m a wife and mom on this adventure of life who desires to bring glory to God and declare the wonderful, amazing grace of the Gospel. I guess this blog it a little bit of all of these parts of me.

 The name

Paige  ~ Thing 1’s middle name, because this blog originated as a way to keep family and friends up to date with her growing and changing.
Book ~  I have often been lovingly accused of writing “a book” in my correspondence with friends.
Thus ~ A Paige From Our Book was born in April of 2009

Posting frequency

I’m trying really hard to post a few things a week but bear with me when the blog stands silent. I am after-all a mom to three small children. I appreciate all of my readers and don’t want to leave you wondering what happened to me (been there as a reader) so I will do my best to share something, even if it’s just a picture or a quick thought.